Be careful with using Ctrl+Z in the block editor

Recently, I was trapped about which I will now tell.

The shortcut Ctrl+Z in the block editor is used to undo the last actions. For example, if you accidentally deleted the necessary blocks, changed the text, etc., then you can cancel these actions using Ctrl+Z. But in addition to canceling actions, this combination can permanently remove all your blocks! I did not find a way after that to restore them back.

Deletion of all blocks occurs when the action list is empty. For example, you opened a project and did not change anything in the block editor. Ctrl+Z and all blocks from the project are deleted. Another case. You made two changes to the block editor, but accidentally pressed Ctrl+Z the third time - all the blocks are deleted.

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I can confirm this.

As long as you don’t refresh the page, there are two ways to bring back your blocks though:


  • Right-click the blocks editor and press “Redo” in the context menu.

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Thunks Conor!

I did not think to look at it.

I think CTRL + Y works fine too

Ctrl+Y does not work, this is primarily checked.

This just happened to me as well as I was testing out the program. :confused: I really hope that Thunkable team looks into this…This is supposed to be a professional software (I assume, since they are charging customers), but it seems somewhat clunky and buggy.

Thunkable is still one of the best so far in terms of versatility but anyone here have any other recommendation for a professional drag and drop mobile app builder? (Just trying my luck :frowning: )

yea this is painful, the control + z deletes everything and control + y cant bring it back

CTRL-Z in Desing mode?

This topic is no longer relevant because the developers have removed support for a given combination of keys.