Be careful when using Ctrl + Z

I made a horrible mistake. In short, I pressed Ctrl+Z a good few times and wham, all my blocks on that screen are gone. All gone. After reload they don’t come back.

Do not make this mistake, and please developers look into this. Luckily for me I made a copy of the app, maybe this is the reason it broke? It is still something that needs urgent attention!


Were you careless to click Ctrl + Z?
Ctrl + Z is a function, which undos all the actions.
Actually, a lot of software or platform has been built-in this function.

Try Right click and undo

Ctrl+Z for me anyway is undo. I pressed it maybe 4 or 5 times to undo many blocks. but not all of them.

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it’s universal… :sweat_smile:

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Same heppened to me and I started crying in a corner but luckily when I opened the app back the blocks were still there, try to close and reopen

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Its just strange how it deleted everything though

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Ahaha. Lucky for you then :stuck_out_tongue:

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You clicked 4 or 5 times cause you seen not have any changed so action it?

No, It was removing block by block fine, and I had a few more blocks that were placed to undo and bam, everything is gone

On a lot of platforms you can use

Ctrl + Shift + Z (Windows)


+ + Z (Mac)

To redo, or undo the undo, if that makes sense?


But I am still confused as to why everything just goes. And I mean gone. I refreshed browser. Cleared cookies and cache because why not, and nothing.

I had a previous copy from it, which is what I do a lot cos sometimes I don’t trust mainly myself or the platform to keep my work safe :man_shrugging:

That seems a bit…extra??? :joy:

If you do a hard refresh like this then you will loose your undo/redo history so you won’t be able to recover any accidentally deleted blocks. In most cases blocks should be “recoverable” but it seems like you’ve found something of an edge case here Eoin I think!


Mhm, well out of the couple hundred projects I have created and deleted and what not, this is the first time something like this has happened, and I was prepared (ish) :stuck_out_tongue:

I always save a copy of my projects. Especially if I am adding a big new feature. I save the old one as a working version. Of course doing this is fine for me as none of the projects are actually released to the public. I know Google is picky about how you must have the same app and signature whereas apple just want the same signature, so yeah.

Always a good idea when working with computers! :+1:

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