Barcode Scanner Scanning Images from Photo library

I want to know how to scan a image from photo library

First add a photo gallary to invisible component and then go to codes and drag the choose photo
help 1
help 2

I want to know how to scan Image
Barcode scanner

Are you tring to make something like object detection

QR code scanner
In that I want it should sacn QR/bar codes from Gallery

You’ve already started a topic about this. Please don’t create multiple topics for the same issue.

No I have not

I have created of How to make barcode.
This is of how to scan an Image from Gallery

If you are trying to scan the images from gallary by Barcode scanner it is not possible because there are only can scan by camera there are only 2 blocks for Barcode scanner

if you are done reply me ok

Part of the problem is that you’re not explaining enough about what you need so this topic looks very similar to your other one. I’ll leave this open but it’s best if you can just add details to the original topic if you need additional help.

At the moment @namitnagar7i you can read both QR codes and Barcodes with this block:


If you want to scan an existing image, already saved on-device, then you will need to use the Web API component and find an API that can do this for you.

There are several questions just like this already in the Community.

What sort of app are you working on?

QR and barcode scanner and creater