Background color in data list viewer Classic UI


I have a DLV and id like it to have different background colors in each row.
Ive tried creating my own DVL :slight_smile:

in the project where im using the DVL im trying to change it based in on the number of rows…buts not working

As you can see all the rows have the same color

Any thoughts?

You created a loop from 1 to [list of values]. The [list of values] block returns a list (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) but the [count with] block needs an integer. Please try using the [number of rows] Data Source block instead. Or – just for testing purposes – hard code it by typing in 5 and see if it works that way first.

I also think that the row id may need to be an actual row id and not a number. We can use numbers with Data Source blocks but I’m pretty sure with DVL blocks it needs to be an actual row id.

See this:

You are absolutely right! row id needs to be an actual rowID and not a number…this nos looks pretty cool.

I now want to figure out how to bring dows the size between rows.

This is the code that worked as per the tutorial you sent


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The size between rows is determined by the margins and padding of the container (usually a row) in the DVL layout. If you create a custom DVL layout, you have control over those properties.

Got it! Thanks for your help!

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