I’m trying to hide some row/column layouts, however, I couldn’t find any option to do that. Is there any way to achieve it and what can backfacevisibility do?

Set column height to 0 and same for row and width.

Hope it helps !

Hi AcrobatEpee

It works, thank you!
Hopefully Thunkable could support blocks which captures screen size soon.

No problem.

What do you mean by screen size ?

I’d like to hide (set height/width to 0), then expand it to the same size of the screen.
However, I don’t see Thunkable supports e.g. height=100% or height = height of screen (block in thunkable classic)

I see what you mean and yeah looking forward to this as well. However, you can set another column to “fill container” so that when you other column gets reduced this one takes the full screen :slight_smile:

Yeap, already done that, just waiting for the block of absolute screen size to be available in near future, hopefully.

Btw do you happen to know any tricks to create a chat interface, meaning I could communicate with another user like FB messenger, I did it in listview + firebase, but it really doesn’t look nice

Nope that’s the only way I see. You can try adapting it with labels or buttons to make the design look better by adding a background chat image but would take 3h to load so you’d rather not. Test it anyway !

Nice day :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for getting back to me on this.

Actually I did try the 3h way, tts why I was wondering if there is an alternative…lol

Tough it’s very low chance, I’m wondering if you know a way to create good looking time picker to collect inputs like date & time?