Automated Testing

I’m brand new to Thunkable, and I’m coming from a software engineering world where code can be run through automated testing suites, either as scripts or as compiled binaries. I understand that there’s a web emulator where one can test the different components of the app, but has anyone run a Thunkable-generated app (iOS and/or Android) throguh an Appium-esque testing suite?

A basic example of what I’m talking about

Say I build an app that has two buttons: when pressed, one makes a “Moo” sound, one causes the button color to change. Very basic.

It would be nice to be able to export this app and run it through a tester which emulates taps, swipes, etc.

I don’t know if Thunkable does anything funky when it’s generating the app, so if anyone has input on this, I’d appreciate it!

you can download apk and test it on Android Device

About as close as you can get is wrapping all of the blocks in a function, then have one master test button which calls all functions.

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