Automate Phototaking based on time set

Hello. My app needs to automate the camera to take a photo based on the time being set.

Hence, my idea is to firstly use the time input component to set a time to trigger an event. In Thunkable Classic, the clock component is able to do it (not available in Thunkable X). So far from the thunkable docs, setting and saving the time data is possible and I am playing around with the possibility of triggering an event from the set time.

The next issue is to automate the photo taking. In Thunkable classic, the Taifun camera extension will allow camera to be activated and automatically take a photo. However, as extension is not available in X, what are the other ways that I can use to automate photo taking? Will appreciate the help given, many thanks!

Hey @masyitashariff9

Thunkable X has more clock/timer features than Classic to the best of my knowledge, which one are you looking for?

This wouldn’t be possible with the current Camera component, and I think you’d probably run into issues trying to publish your app too.