Auto update of cloud variable everyday at midnight


I have few cloud variables that store data from a particular field in Airtable. This Airtable field keeps changing multiple times throughout the day, however, I want the cloud variable to store the data only once during the day at midnight. So, at midnight the Airtable field data should automatically get stored in cloud variable, without having to open the app.

Is there a way to do it?


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If the app isn’t open at the time, not directly. But you could check when the app opens if you’ve already gotten a value for the day, and if not, get one. If you can figure out how to get midnight’s value to be available in airtable all day.

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You will need to use Zapier or similar app to check the changes in Airtable table at midnight and copy the values to another table that you can read from it when the app is opened.

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Hi, I tried something like that and it worked too, but I have multiple fields and the associated is a liitle huge, hence by doing that, it takes 15-20 mins wait time, hence am looking for a solution where it happens automatically at a particular time without opening the app.

Thank you. Will surely try and check.