Authentication on firebase with Apple or Google?

I just recently switched my apps sign-in method to use Google and Apple, but that leaves my data with unsecure rules as I can’t authenticate those accounts. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know. I can’t seem to find a way to do this.

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Thunkable provider for google sign-in see the docs.

This is a major drawback with those methods. Makes I would likely use a third party auth provider as well, like supabase. It’s not an “easy” integration but not super hard either.

Basically, one thing you could do is create a user in your third party provider using [userid] and assign a random password. Following a successful execution of login, you could pass the received userID and have a cloud function complete the auth exchange and return a token to the front end. Then you could make calls all day long using an alias that you create for your users.

I’m testing out this method. Creating a firebase sign in using their credentials.

My privacy policy already states that i use firebase to store user data.
Do you think this is legal if I do it this way?

Legal yes. Is it the most secure, I just don’t think so. Would be really great if the google and iOS auths used the Firebase sdk to be implemented and not their “native” version. Then, if they’d expose the token you could even use firestore or call Firebase functions and pass a token.

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I tried that in flutter. It’s worse than firebase authentication

Thanks for all your suggestions. I think I got a working solution for the moment until I can find a way to directly authenticate a user in firebase using other providers.

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