ARGH. Why did this API suddenly break?

Argh. I’ve been working on an app that puts items into my Kroger shopping cart. It does the whole OAuth dance successfully and gets an access code. All of that looks good. Last week, I could successfully put items in my cart. This week, although the API still returns a 204, the items never appear in my cart. It doesn’t /seem/ to be an access code problem, since if I clear my access code, I get a totally different 4xx error. I’m definitely logged in to the same account (and I’ve regenerated the access code several times now).

I’ve looked at the website for the API, and there’s nothing about any changes. I guess I’ll go file a ticket. Hoping they like (or respond to) hobbyist coders…

(And I’m sorry, there’s not really a question in here. Frustrated and venting, right now.)


Could this have any relation to the Thunkable live App update?

Not sure. I did discover that I’ve got a stray [, so I wonder how it worked last week!

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I was referring to the last update having a comment about API.

See the photo

Interesting. Perhaps I was taking advantage of a bug without realizing it. I’ve got it fixed, in any case!