Are there even computer key click events

Can Anybody Tell Me If There Are Any?

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Hello @shriyaanven.k, thunkable is for making mobile apps only not for desktop apps or websites. So, it does not have any computer click events till now. Hope, this feature will come in future.

That is not true. Thunkable projects can be published as web apps and accessed from laptops & desktops.

You can do this using a webviewer, and then using the onkeydown event, note: the user must focus on the webviewer first.

@tatiang, i read this documentation: Publish as a Web App - Thunkable Docs before replying, it says that its sharing purpose only. This means its for test only, and thunkable is for making mobile apps only.

@sketch, what you think, when user will open our app, it will just click on keyboard btns, or just see our app, does he/she will not click anywhere on the screen. Also just think, how will our app look, when all the time it will have a keyword overlay on the bottom.
Then your solution is not valid for this problem.

Why would you need a keyboard overlay?
This is for PC so no keyboard will be shown, if you need it for mobile apps thunkable provides click events for this or text fields for typing

He was asking for mobile app, not desktop.

That’s not what it says. I think maybe you misunderstood. You can publish a web app and it can be used by anyone. It is not just for testing purposes.

I created a JavaScript code to listen to key presses and send them back to the app so you can use them.

You will need to click on the image first for the JS code to run.

See this demo

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