Are private apps "being remixed"?


I think there is some kind of bug in the Thunkable X platform because some of my private projects suddenly started showing that they where remixed … times :grimacing:

I really hope that this is just a displaying issue and that the data of private projects is save in the X platform because my private projects might contain sensitive data :worried: I could not find those apps when I just searched the public gallery but I just want to make sure that the data is safe and not accidentally published - also not for a short time.

Best, Chris

Hmm - someone else asked a similar question this morning that also had 6 remixes…this might be on our end?

Have you made copies/back-ups of this project as this will count towards your remixes too.

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I don’t think I copied this particular project. At least for sure not the 6 times it says it was being remixed. Could this be caused by requesting the PRO screenshots?

best, Chris

That would account for at least one remix anyway… @Jane might have made a couple of copies?

Also, if you reach out to the team for support or AdMob approval we would have copies for that.

Finally, the way remixing works is that if, for example, we make a copy for screenshots and then delete our copy of your project and subsequently need to go get more screenshots, opening the project again will create another remix.

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Thank you for your replies. I hope we can find the reason just to be sure that no data is accidentally being published. So far the only thing that I requested where the screenshots. I think sending the App to the App Store shouldn’t increase this number, right? Also I did not recognize any remix (I think) until today :thinking:

Hi @Domhnall and @Jane

is there an update on this so far? Today the particular app shows it was remixed 7 times instead of 6 times. I really want to make sure that private apps are not shared anywhere…

Best, Chris


I searched for your username (“gre4t_wh1te”) in the Public Gallery tab and only saw four innocuous looking projects by you. That’s a likely indicator that your apps are not publicly visible. We’ll continue to look into it, though.



I verified that even if someone gets a link to a private project of yours that they can’t actually view it, remix it, etc.

I also checked that the all currently undeleted remixes that still exist were made by @Jane, presumably as part of the screenshot process.

Finally, I’ll point out that when we at Thunkable investigate issues or questions about apps we will often do a remix (which we can do as admins) in order to help diagnose the problem. Currently those will show up as remixes. We could change that, but we figured that users would enjoy having extra remixes :wink:

Hope this all helps allay your fears.