Arduino - Bluetooth HC-06 - Notification. Messages

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in other post I wrote about an extension to send Notifications:

Now we are going to use that extension to send Notifications from Bluetooth.
Conections Arduino and module Bluetooth HC-06

Sketch to Arduino: (551 Bytes)

  • When we click in boton2 or boton3 of Arduino-BT, a message is sent by Bluetooth to Android:

"Hola amigo" or “Me llamo Juan” (those messages are in sketch Arduino)

  • Android receives that message.

  • If message contains “Hola” trigger a Notification, if contains “Juan” trigger other Notification.

  • These Notifications carry another signal message: “Click button Hola” or "Click button Juan"

  • When user touch Notification that message is shown in Label2

Hola amigos, vamos a utilizar la extension de Notificaciones. Utilizarmos un montaje con Arduino y el mĂłdulo Bluetooth, como se ve en la imagen.
Cuando pulsemos el boton2 o el boton3 del Arduino, se enviará un mensaje al Android.
Los mensajes están en el código del Arduino, y en este caso son: “Hola amigo” y “Me llamo Juan”.
Si el mensaje que llega al Android contiene la palabra “Hola” ejecutará una Notificación, si contiene la palabra “Juan” ejecutará otra Notificación.
Cuando el usuario toque la Notificación se mostrará en la Etiqueta2 un texto dependiendo de la Notificación que ha llegado.

Puedes ver el tutorial completo en:

Aquí tienes más tutoriales sobre Bluetooth:

com.KIO4_Notification.aix (17.1 KB)
p41i_arduino_a_movil_BackG.aia (21.2 KB)



Hi @Juan_Antonio

Nice tutorial about adruino bluetooth notif
Thanks for share it,

Is it possible to make app that use adruino, if adruino move adruino send signal to device/handphone to make loud voice.
Sorry my English not good really hope you understand…

Hi @sultani, Arduino can send a message to Android and when this one recive, sound a message.!category-topic/mitappinventortest/apps-tips--tricks/Zw1gOegye8o

@Juan_Antonio it may posibol Arduino can send a message to Firebase and when this one save data on Firebase. then we recive msg on Android phone ?


Arduino need a Shield to works with Internet, example: W5100 Ethernet Chip

But I recomend NodeMCU

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yes i know that , my project completed with NodeMCU.
but not getting how

Where to give power to adriano?

Power to adriano?

Perhaps power to Arduino?

Hello friends, i have a question about thunkable , actually my friend & i do a school project , our project are using arduino mega and thunkable to build an apps, the project is about using mobile apps to tracking ADHD child with arduino. For your information we are still new on thunkable platform . So we are currently have some issue about how to set of the buzzer when bluetooth signal is loss ? What block or function should i use on thunkable ? If anyone know anything about these please answer my question. Thank you.