Applock screen for Android application

Hello community,

My new tutorial is ready some bug needs to be fixed.

components used :

Images of block :

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Hi Nick!
That’s a good idea!

I have 1 question, why do you use clock 1 and the variable name and not directly the text box?

I think you can make it easier with less blocks !
You just have to make a list with your button and create a procedure with a local variable with the blocks that you have in your button clicks blocks

Have a nice day!

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Because we don’t have event textbox.text changed.
To keep refresh textbox i have used here clock.
And i have used variable to add new value in previous value otherwise it will replaced with older value.

Yes , i can but it is for beginners who are new to this coding.
This is just hint.
everyone can use their own logic and make strong it.

Thanks for your feedback.

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