Application that requires many variables

Hello, I’m creating an application that requires many variables (more than 100,000 variables). For example Stored Variable 1, Stored Variable 2, up to more than 100000). Is there a quick way to create all these variables? The only way I know is to duplicate a variable and rename it but it takes too long. Thank you.

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If you’re creating 100,000 variables, you’re doing something wrong.

Please take a step back and explain more about your project.

There has to be an easier way.


You are asking for a table of minimum two columns
Variable Name and Variable Value
You are welcome to add 100,000 rows in the table


The application expects to store different data through variables (Stored variables). To understand you can find my project on the public gallery. Filter by Username “mauro.drghk”. The name of the project is “Farmaci New”. Thank you.

Below I have provided a screenshot of the variables I made (three different variables 1 to 24). I would need 20,000 variables here.

Below I have provided a screenshot of the code where I use these variables

Thank you.

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At least you can do that.
in all three
Lightens some work
Of course, not every time the screen is turned on.
You should use it when necessary.

This is exactly what I was saying to use a table. You need a table called Farmacia List or any name you see it fit
In this table you need at least 3 columns

  • Farmacia Name
  • Farmacia Latitude
  • Farmacial Longitude

Once you have this table then fill it with the required information easily.

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A good rule of thumb for programming is… if you ever think to yourself, “I need to make 500 ______,” ask for help because there is a better way to set things up. You should never need 50+ screens or 500+ variables or 5,000+ blocks.

@muneer’s advice is spot on… a table (local data source) is a good replacement for needing so many variables.

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