Apple requiring apps for iPhone and iPad be built with the iOS 13 SDK and later

I’m working with a company that has a couple of apps on the app store. They are concerned that with this April 2020 requirement that their apps will be non-functional or removed from the app store unless we update using the new SDK and requirements. We have the apps working on all iOS 13 devices, and have no updates to currently apply to them. Do we need to update using the new iOS 13 SDK or are the apps okay to exist without updates?


I was wondering about this also. they say something about if your app uses authentication then you need to be able to incorporate apple authentication?

jared do you think we should update all apps is it required ?

I think we should wait for the Thunkable admins to answer that for us!

yes I Hope that

@zimat.bed9ut @jared just FYI from Apple:

The deadline for adhering to the requirements below has been extended to June 30, 2020.

So hopefully this will be good news

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i hope thunkable will fix this before deadline ,so we could update all our apps

Thanks @domhnallohanlon

I’m sure you’ll keep us all posted with news as you find out more info!

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We certainly will!

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@domhnallohanlon thank you sir

@zimat.bed9ut you’re welcome! (Note the @ symbol!)

@domhnallohanlon i’m new here thank you

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