App Tracking Transparency permission request

The problem is that you keep saying you are not collecting personal information but you are. Name, email, phone number, etc. are personal information.


Thank you for your reply.
What I will explain by phone is that I do not take this information by default (like as soon as you download the app and accept the rules, so I do not have this information until and only if one person voluntarily puts it in the template of the appointment, also a user in the template can write the data he wants and therefore could technically invent it).
Second point note that the Appointment section and Live Chat section they are the only points within the App where the user can enter personal data, but I would never have wanted to enter these two sections in my App (I was forced by Apple otherwise they would not have approved the App).
I will tell them that I am not interested in collecting any user data and I am forced by their App approval policy because I would have gladly done without the two sections Live Chat and Appointment within my App: to be clear I did not want to insert them I was forced by Apple to insert them.
I will make a proposal to them asking to remove these two sections from the app as long as they accept and approve anyway in their Store the App.
In the past I have already been contacted other times by the assistance from Cupertino and they are always very kind and helpful; my only fear is that they ask me for clarification on the internal code (and modified it)of the app because I would not know how to describe it since I do not have it,
and that’s why I’m continuing to update this feed, should I ever need it of the assistance from Thunkable engineers.

I understand. I wish you luck! I don’t think Apple will need the actual decompiled code. They just need to understand how your app works and what is required of users. And also possibly what permissions your app uses.

I’m not sure I can be any more helpful so hopefully someone from Apple or Thunkable can.


I was contacted by Apple by phone this morning and they explained to me that the application requires some permissions that are not actually required within the App. Specifically, access to the precise location and access to the microphone because they are two features that are not needed in the App. I therefore ask the Thunkable staff to ask the engineers to remove all those permissions from my app that are not needed because these are the ones that create the problem of the App Tracking Transparency permission.


Hi Francesco
I’m encountering the same issue with Apple on it requiring tracking in the app that I actually do not need or want. Did you manage to solve your issue?
Regards Greg

Can you tell us more about the non visual components in your app as any one of the following can trigger this privacy tracking requirement by Apple.

Web viewer (I know, this is a visual component)
Web api
Location sensor
Sign in/sign up
Push notifications
Admob (I know, this is also a visual component)
“Open link” block

i am having this same issue now

@kizzy @gps9611

Does any of the above apply to you?

Web viewer
Push notifications

I don’t have any of these although Apple seems to think I have App tracking and/or push notifications, neither of which are in the app. It seems that whatever executable or source code that is submitted to Apple contains something that triggers Apple’s queries on these items.

Can you share your project with me via dm? I can take a look for you.

Alternatively, are you including a string that says you’re not doing any tracking?

my privacy policy page was down i fix that then that issue went away

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I have the same problem with apple, submitted app for not collect or track people info and still came up with the same message. We are using
Web viewers
Api and sound components

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