App got deleted, potentially an app limits problem?

So I’m helping some middle schoolers with a Thunkable App. It appears their app, all the screens, have disappeared. Looking at this documentation (App Limits - Classic Docs), I’m thinking it could be because they had more than 10 screens. Does anyone know of a way to revert to an earlier point in time? I saw another post that says that’s not possible, so I’m hoping somebody has another suggestion. Any advice on how we can get back those screens?

I haven’t heard of something like this happening but I suppose it’s possible. I also teach middle schoolers. :slight_smile:

When you say the screens disappeared, can you be more specific? Is there now only one screen? Are there literally zero screens in the project? Or are the screens’ titles showing but nothing below them (e.g. it’s blank/white)?

If possible, post a screenshot of the affected project.

I know free accounts are limited but personally, I make duplicates of important projects frequently as I work on them so that if I accidentally delete something, I can just switch to the copy of the project.

Hey @wayzatawestsmartsist, sorry to hear about this

Those are the docs for our old platform, Thunkable Classic. Current project limits for the cross-platfrom version of Thunkable are here:

The way this works is if you (or your students) we’re to upload a 10 GB file the system would show you a little pop-up saying this wasn’t permitted.

We don’t remove components or assets from a project, only a user can do this.

I’m still not 100% clear as to what happened here:

Was the entire project deleted? Or were some/all of the screens in a particular project deleted?

There’s no technical limit on the number of screens in the current version of Thunkable (though for practical reasons you want to keep it as low as you can, otherwise editing becomes burdensome)


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Thank you @domhnallohanlon and @tatiang for getting back to me. So the last time they saw the screens (which ALL were deleted), they were looking to see about a paid account. Then one of the girls went to screen share and when she refreshed her page, all the screens were gone. The error message was that either the app has been deleted or it’s private.