App crashing when filtering data from Airtable when screen starts (white screen)

Hello. I am trying to set up markers on a map based on a small dabatase that I have in Airtable.

I filtered, using this function based on Google Map Markers From Firebase - #10 by jared by @jared (I have actually been searching all day long in the forum and youtube for fixes and different codes approaches with no positive results)


Now, it doesn’t show an error, but always crashes. However, when I add an If function to skip the loop when it finds an empty value it doesn’t crash. Actually I am guessing it doesn’t do anything, just skips everything.
This tells me that there is some kind of error in the communication between Thunkable X and Airtable because the Table does not contain any null or empty cells.

As the crash is happening before I call the function that adds the Map Marks that I want, I don’t believe it is an issue with the map itself. (i don’t have it currently active, the function I mean)

I have tried running the app both on Android and iOS, having the same issue.

Thank you for reading, I will be pending for a response.

is property latiitud stored as a string or integer in airtable?

have you tried this?

since you are checking if the text is empty in your logic, you should force the response from airtable to be a string. i looked back at the screenshot above and notice you have latitude stored as an integer.

Thanks for the reply.

The problem is not in that part of the code but somewhere here.

I really don’t care to check at the end if it’s empty or not, I just did it for troubleshooting purposes.

In Airtable I have “LATITUD” and “LONGITUD” as Numbers


Columns “NOMBRE” as Single Line Text and Column “OBSDIREC” as Long Text.

Do I have to set all of them as text? Even if the response I need for the variable Latitude and Longitude in the SetMapMarker has to be an integer?