Apk looks different to thunkable live

I’ve just downloaded an apk (android) of my app for the first time. Everything works ok with the code but certain components have shifted around on the screen.

Any ideas how to rectify this? All my components are set to ‘float in place’ so surely they shouldn’t change where they are located? See screenshots for comparison.

I have also tried grouping components, to no avail. Strangely, having put the top image and label into a group, they have both disappeared completely off the screen.

May I have the link if it’s available? Or the APK?
It may be a problem in the screen component itself’s spacing.
If you don’t have the link, you might want to contact the person who sent the apk. Maybe to fix it or to give the link.

I managed to fix it somewhat by changing my components to ‘stretch’. Not an ideal fix, but has done the trick.