Api object splitt

Sorry if there were some results but I didn’t find any.

How can I get these properties of a response object?
need the first object1 (1) and the last object8 (239)
thanks for help

It’s a little hard to tell without seeing the full JSON response as text but… if feeRange is a list/array as it appears to be, you can use the in list get block once you have the feeRange property. It looks like you’re trying to take the first list item of the JSON response. That may or may not be the feeRange property… I can’t tell from the limited screenshot.

ups sorry i tough i poste the api ressource.

this api can have up to 9 lines with same objects

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This is what the JSON response looks like when converted on Best JSON Viewer and JSON Beautifier Online using the Tree Viewer button:


So you would need to get the first list item from the JSON response, just like you did above, and then get the property feeRange, just like you did above, and then get the first (and last) list item from that. So just put everything you showed above into a in list ___ get #1 and test it to make sure you get the value 1. Then try it with in list ___ get #8 and make sure you get the value 469.97389033942557. Or maybe your values are different but that’s what I’m seeing from the example link you provided. Anyway, you can change the # part of the list block to use the “first” or “last” item in the list which should work great for this.

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ill try tomorrow, thanks
see my work until now ^^

update automatically

it comes near of my main app

thank you @tatiang this work fine !

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