API JSON Tutorial (Video)

Flask is php python, right? Do you know any JavaScript? Firebase functions are really easy to harness. I’d be happy to walk you though it sometime.

They always serve data on https, out of the box!

Not that this solves the issue you’re having. It’s merely a workaround.

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@jared Thanks for the offer. Yes, Flask is python. I needed python to process some complex mathematical models, so I build my own API to serve the mobile / web-apps i made on thunkable. I am still learning Javascript, which I am seriously considering using it to build web-apps instead of thunkable.

I am reluctant to try firebase functions. I have read the docs and those function calls are through HTTP requests. I worry that it may have the same issues on web-apps.

Anyway thanks.

@tatiang @jared @thunderlilies1

Raised the issue at github and gotten very prompt reply:

The explanation as to why my http calls won’t work on web-app run on browser:

The work around I just managed to get it all working is to serve the HTTP API through Ngrok. Ngrok essentially is a server service that provides http and https endpoints to connect to your http server through a pipe.

I must say, through this exercise, I learned a great deal. Thanks a lot guys.!!