Any component question - Can we access the component name?


Im developing an app where i want to show especific Airtable rows in a set of labels (they could be buttons also). The design idea is the following, i have 20 labels name lPedidoX, being X consecutive numbers 1 to 20.


The content of each label is retrieved from airtable concatenating 3 columns our of 10 based on different conditions.

When the user click on any lable, id like to update the specific row from Airtable that corresponds to that printed label.

As a potential solution i though of creating a list of objects when the screen starts, so when every label is being filled up i also create an array with the label variable name and the corresponding airtable rowId used to create the labels text.

Now the challenge is to determine what label was pressed so i can retrieve the corresponding rowID form the object lists…I could to 20 If label clicked but i guess its better to use When Any label Clicked (what is instead of 20 i have 100 or 1000 labels to check)

My issue is cant get the clicked label variable name from the component only the component contents such as taxt, color, etc…Do you know if what im trying to achieve is possible?


Any ideas?

See this demo I made: Thunkable

very interesting approach @tatiang , it works perfect for my needs.

Thank you!

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