How to get value of label inside row on button click?

Dear All,

I have created something like this. see the outpot


I want to get the value of label on the click of button.

Please let me know how can i achieve it.

Thanks In Advance!

Can you share a link to the project? The method for doing this will depend on how you have components arranged in the component tree.

Here you go.

I want to know this because i will create a custom list depending on api data and i would need to get the id when user click on that card so i can call other data and show to user. thanks.

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It would be easier to create a template and keep it hidden then you can add number of copies from the template into a container (column).

This way you can know the text in the label corresponding to the button pressed because both are in the same copy of the template which is indexed in the container using the Any Component blocks.

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