Any Component Crash Issue (Create Checkbox)

Project (See To Do List, last screen)

Starting the app on the To-Do List screen, when you add an item to the list, it always crashes/disappears but only if I checked the Blocks section. If I copied the project and opened the project and preview the project immediately without checking the Blocks section, the app works properly. Separating the to-do list to its own project also does the same thing, if I check the blocks and use the Any Components to add labels and checkboxes to the screen, it won’t work. Any possible solutions? I’ve tried switching browsers, reloading/refreshing, nothing works.

Test project
I tried recreating the project here, and it just doesn’t work, it crashes upon adding something

After trying to debug a bit, apparently the crash always happens upon creating a Checkbox on button click.

Hello @jason.wiranatagaqj
Welcome to our community.
I confirmed the issue. We’ll flag it to our engineering team again and provide an update as soon as possible.
Until then you can use the clone component.