🎉 Any Component Blocks and Full Screen Video - Now available in Thunkable ✕ 2019-07-19

This month we’re bringing you a number of small upgrades and one giant leap in block based coding.

:bookmark: Release Notes

This release contains a lot of updates and an entire new category of blocks, so please take a look at the release notes for a more detailed description of everything that’s included.

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:apple: Thunkable Live for iOS

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:rocket: Dismiss Keyboard block

This new device block allows you to hide the keyboard on your your device when every you want.


:hammer_and_wrench: Gyroscope Properties

The gyroscope properties have been updated so that the rotation values are available throughout your app, without the need to create intermediary variables.

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:hammer_and_wrench: Stack Navigator

When using the Stack Navigator to manage your screens, each screen in that stack will now have new BackgroundColor and HeaderBackgroundColor properties.

:hammer_and_wrench: WebViewer

Added support for

  • Full Screen Video
  • Geolocation
  • Data Detector Types

:rocket: Any Blocks

The “Any Blocks” category give you a powerful set of tools for refactoring your projects and dynamically creating components.

Generic Events
If it’s clickable then this block can detect it. Also works with Touch Down,Touch Up, and Long Click events.

Generic Getters and Setters

Choose any UI component and any property you like to read from/write to that specific property.


Create, Duplicate, and Delete Components
You can make a new component with the create block

With the clone block you can style one components and then quickly replicate it in the rest of your UI.

Use the remove block to delete a component from your UI whenever you like.

Any Components

The any blocks also give you access to the individual components in your app via this block:


Or you can select all block of a certain type using this block.


hai @Domhnall and @actech

i want to confirm again. for component webview.
in the documentation realeas. Webviewer component support for “Full Screen Video”

I found it here.

Only support for ios? not support for android?
because I was not able to use the component webviewer (full screen video) on Android.

thank you for the clarification.

Yes only support for iOS. and very good support. you can now hold down on an image in iOS and download or share it. I do agree better android support is needed for this but thunkable Devs depend on the library that helps make the web viewer a thing, and so unless them libraries get updates then don’t expect a lot happening. I think I mentioned this on thunkable X GitHub page, and from what I know that is the answer I got.


Thanks @eoinparkinson for your clarification. :grinning:

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