šŸ”„ Ant Smasher game aia file for thunkable

Description: This aia file work in thunkable and you can make an ant smasher game with this aia file. The game has four characters to smash, gost ,virus, alien and ant.You have to smash ant 50 times in 60 seconds to win the game.app have a splash screen, start button screen and retry buttons. The character can change in a single click.you can placed ads at anywhere. This game is so addictive so more chances to go viral. This example helps you to build smasher games in app inventor, Appybuilder and makeroid also. Play game before download aia file.

Download aia file
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Credit goes: aiafileforthunkable.com


Cool! but not for ants :wink:

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Super nice design and a fun game :smile: Iā€™m definitely keeping this game on my phone!

Keep thunking!

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Nice Game I really Iile it
keep it up