Anime APP (VideoStream)



Install this app and learn about the human body. Hi, I’m working on an application to stream series with easy administration.

Link: Google Play


  • Fullscreen video
  • Monetization
  • Multiple Language
  • Share and Rate option
  • Push Notification with OneSignal
  • Links to video on Airtable

Thanks to:
@Taifun for TaifunTools
@Jerin_Jacob for AirtableClassic Extension
@ColinTree for ColinTreeListView
@Andres_Cotes & @pavi2410 for Design FAB
@Said_Dev for netConnected Extension


:heart: for cells at work :joy:


Nice!. Source?


Great work brotha :heart_eyes:, but be careful tho. Google has a strict policy regarding streaming contents. Make sure to update a a basic privacy policy for your designed app to make sure Google from removing your app from Play Store. I recommend creating a free website or directly link the privacy policy from the streaming website you obtain


And do you have permission from the original makers of the anime to use them in your app? Are you the copyright holder?


anime doesnt have copyright ?


Typically speaking, they all do have copyright. Trust me, you don’t want to get emails from google play console regarding your app has strike some of its violations.

But you can avoid this by making sure few things are taken into account.

  1. Update Content Rating for your app, make sure to tick “Web Browser” :ballot_box_with_check: option in the content rating questionnaire

  2. Privacy Policy need to be applied to your app, linking to the streaming website privacy policy is okay if you don’t have any admob banners/ads in your app but if you do have ads then i would totally suggest you to create a free website from “Google Site” and link the privacy policy to your website instead. I see that you use a blog to link the privacy policy, that’s good too.

  3. You can auto generate some privacy policy examples here Privacy Policy Generator

  4. If your apps is removed due to certain violations you can apply updates for google to review back the app and make it available in the playstore (given that you’ve solved the violation = usually mentioned within your email)

  5. A suspended apps can’t be reviewed unless you submit an appeal to google

  6. Suspension of apps count as a strike to your developer account, 3 strikes and your account will be suspended.

So, what basically i’m trying to tell is. Creating an app is easy but you’re limited to privacy policy concerns. Make sure that your app is accordance with Developer Policy Center

Hope you have a great day ahead, keep thunking :ok:


Dear @ZenTix_Lab, thank you very much for your very helpful and constructive comments.


Glad to help :slight_smile: