Android Studio Business Directory App

i am facing problem for webview in my app

What do you expect anyone to be able to do for you?

Thanks for reply me Mr Dean .
i want anybody help me to make it i want to do it my self.

And how is anyone going to help you?

Do you really think that saying

is enough information?

Do you think we are magicians who have crystal balls and magical powers?

You need to give us some information: what is supposed to happen, what is actually happening, show us your relevant blocks and if necessary screenshots too.

You wouldn’t tell a doctor ”I’m sick” and expect him to work out precisely what is wrong with without you providing him with some information do you?

@qazi266314ndz are you using Thunkable or Android Studio?

I’m not sure that your question belongs in the #creator-lounge category, as this is more for design and publishing related questions.

@qazi266314ndz, is it safe to say you are asking a question about how to fix an errror you are having while building an app with Thunkable X?