Android Publishing Error: App update not happening due to keystore error

Referring to [Solved] Android Publishing Error: App Bundle signed with Incorrect Key - #22 by peterjamesleniq

I have done the needful and now waiting for Google to give the approve the key. ( as I was getting the same error)

I wanted the update to happen today itself, is it a good idea to upload my app as a new app, will Google allow, anyone can help here

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Hi Mindchamp,

I waited until Google told me the key was changed, which took 3 days.
In the message I got from them, after they accepted the change in key, it had the exact time and date, that the change in key would be ready for the next upload.

Personally, I’d wait until the key has been accepted.

Thank you for the update. Your post also helped a lot actually. Hoping that we are able to update our app without any glitches after google sends a message.

After the 3 day wait, I uploaded my update, with its new key, and it went fine.
Admittedly I was nervous.
Thought it might not work for me.

Thanks for the message @peterjamesleniq
Unfortunately , I am getting the error still. I did the process said in the link post above, waited till the time Google suggested. In fact tried to upload the app aab quite after the Google suggested time limit, not able to upload it, Should I wait for the Google’s msg.
Earlier I was getting the below error

Now I am getting the next image error after the whole process. Looks like some key is just interchanged in the error.

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Hi Thunkable @ioannis @matt_conroy
Request to Kindly help in the above.

Hi Mind, Did Google say that the key had been changed?

No , did not get any email or notification. Is there any specific place to see their reply. ?

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Once you upload the new key, you have to wait until Google sends you a notification stating that the key has been changed. For me it took about 3 days.

They tell you the exact date and time that the change will occur.

So they mentioned it as 22 nd nov with time on submission of the request page but no notification or message from Google yet. I tried reload after the above time but no luck.

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In that case, go back to the new project you created, the one that was made in order for you to get a new key.

Download that key and then upload it to your original project.

And then upload that project to google again.

If it doesn’t work, then I think I know why, but you may have to go through he whole process again.

Hello @mindchamp :wave:
Which project did you use to generate the keystore?

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