Android App Bundle

Hi All
Can any one tell me if they uploaded to the Play Store using Android App Bundle?
I have not go my head around this yet and I am nervous that the end user may face problems. I have already experienced, when updating, Apps not using the users data, I have worked out why. BUT I would like to know of anyone that has used Android App Bundle

Hey @towball

From Thunkable? This isn’t possible at the moment - we only allow .apks to be downloaded.

What’s your motivation for trying this?

I read an article on a company that reduced the size of their app and theri sales increased dramatically. Personally I dont shop for an App on size. My App is 37 and the Bundle says it would reduce it to 17.

Hi @domhnallohanlon
If i have the live app on an android and download an apk and email to myself, should the original live app update. I am getting APP NOT INSTALLED. Sent it in test flight to apple and it updated and deleted data.