Android Acknowledge subscription pt.2

Hi there everyone,

As you can see here , i struggled 5 months ago to find a way to acknowledge my Android subscriptions automatically: all the new subscriptions without this treatment are auto-canceling.

I was just wondering if someone found an easier or different way to face this problem as I still struggle to achieve it.

Thank you for your time (again).

Is this still happening to you? If you publish a new version of your app are you still having that issue? This was fixed some while ago. The code base was updated such that when you purchase of subscription it is also acknowledged at the same time

Sorry i might have not checked it lately. I assumed that (Xano) was the only way to acknowledge the purchase.

I hopefully then won’t need further assistance, i’ll wait until the next subscription is done and get back here if i have issues.

Thank you for your help.

Sorry, last question.

Since everything has been updated, there is no need that i swap the component?
I mean, last time i sent the app to the store was roughly 4 months ago, when that thing wasnt fixed yet.
Now shall i just send on a new version or do I need to do something in order to make the changes work? (for example, swapping the IAP component)

Sorry for the horrible question

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I think you should replace it to be on the safe side but I can’t tell you for certain. You should also make sure to just do some testing before you push it out to the app stores.

I still highly recommend it everybody who implements I AP backs up every single purchase in a database. You should have a master record of all your purchases that you don’t have to get from Apple or android that you can just download a nice simple table for view

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