Android 8.0 (SDK 26)

So someone wrote a bad review of my APP on google play they are using Android 8.0 (SDK 26) said the App close right away so … i dont know how to fix the app to work for them

@kizzy Tell them honestly and politely that there is simply nothing you can do, and that they have an outdated version of android. Most apps are not even compatible for Android 8, so I don’t know how they downloaded it. Also, which app are you talking about?

Keep in mind as well that some of the issues caused by using an older OS are because Google demands certain packages stay up-to-date to remain on the Play Store. At some point, those packages won’t be backwards compatible with the old OS.

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How rude that person is

@vishruth-ram It’s not necessarily rude, the person may just be providing feedback. There’s a difference between feedback and bullying, and this looks like feedback, but I don’t know for sure because I’m not @kizzy. Just know that feedback is not bullying, and it may just be just way to help the person improve something.

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