An app for developing a perfect memory of numbers... in one week :)

Hello from France everyone !

Mnémathix is my first education app that allows kids and adults to learn the Major System* easily and very quickly.

*The Major System is a mnemonic technique used in Memory Championships, in which digits are substitued with consonant sounds, in order to remplace numbers by words-images. Using this method, very long series of numbers or dates can be quickly and perfectly memorised, by creating a mental movie with those images.

Don’t hesitate if you see anything in it that can be improve :wink:
And thank you very much to all the Thunkable Team, without who nothing would have been possible !


Tu devrais placer quelques screenshots pour que l’on puisse découvrir un peu plus ton application !

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Merci Clément ! Effectivement ça devient tout de suite plus parlant avec les écrans :wink: