Alternatives to Cloudinary

I am creating an app, that for sure, will surpass Cloudinary’s free plan, and I just can’t afford the 225GB storage plan, which is €100 a month!!

So I am wondering, what is the next best alternative? I know openload has a free unlimited storage, by running ads. And they do indeed have an API. I am unsure how their api works as their documentation is rubbish.

So does anyone know of any alternatives? Or is there some open source software out there that lets me host my own storage cloud, and return a direct link to it. Internet speed and storage on my end is not a problem.

All help and comments are much appreciated!


225 GB? How much bandwidth are you currently using??

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cloudinary does not offer an in-between plan. for say 100GB.

My app will allow managers of sports clubs to upload photos, videos and general information about what is happening etc.

I previously made an app for my local club for photos, and because the total number of photos exceeded 25GB, I had to store them on Google Drive, and link the app to Google sites websites.

I want this system to be fully integrated into the app, for styling purposes.


the plan at the end of the day is that any sport club anywhere can sign up and use the service. if I can get my costs to zero then I won’t run ads etc. but if I cannot then I will have to figure out a way to make an admin pay for the service. this is why something like openload integrated with firebase would be pretty sweet. as openload is unlimited and free, and firebase is only storing text, and uses barely any bandwidth or storage.