All Weather app (not copying names)

:umbrella: Sometimes Android’s default weather app’s suggestion giver doesn’t scan some stuff. So most of the time you get mistaken :unamused:.

In this app, with only 350 lines of code, I have made a suggestion giver with the ability to scan all weather data. Please notice this is in Promote your App, not Free Templates, Designs, and Block Combinations so you cannot copy my code. So here’s the link:

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You need to know that anyone can copy your code if you post a link to a public project. And even if you don’t post the link, someone can search for your username and copy your project or part of your code without your permission. To avoid that, you have to make the project private. Just writing “you cannot copy my code” doesn’t prevent people from doing it.

Also, posting your API key in a text block means that anyone can copy it and use it. I don’t recommend doing that. It’s better to add the API key to the Web API component. That way, it remains hidden from other users who view your project.

Can you post a screenshot of your app working properly? All I see when I test the project is “nothing detected.”

I will show my code

That’s the reason you’ve been seeing nothing. Did you see the list? (my app doesn’t include stuff like mostly cloudy)

Since everyone is bored of no suggestions,

I have added AI !!!

Thanks @ioannis

Please give feedback

Hello @vishruth-ram
Thank you for sharing your app.
I agree with @tatiang, if you don’t want community users to copy your project you should remove the project URL from the first post and also remove any image from the second post that contains API keys (If you need help doing that, please let us know to help you)

I checked also the app, and I have two suggestions:
When you initialize a variable, I suggest connecting a block to give app variables an initial value.
Variables Blocks - Thunkable Docs

On the API calls, you could add an ‘if error ≠ null’ block inside, before setting a variable to the value that has been retrieved.