Feedback on my new app "Weamap" πŸŽ‰

hi thunkers :grinning: :tada:

first of all thanks to his great platform.
also tday
i made an app
wea map
yep this is a weather app
since i m not on phone i cant test the app
map and web apis

api links:

only one screen so one screenshots
it is from the designer will update it later:

Apk links

here u go for android:

will upload for ios later

how did u like my app?

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upcoming updates :tada: :tada: :star_struck: :star_struck:


location sensor

now weamap is open sourceeeee
total excitment
link to project

do post comments and suggestions also like

ekansh devs

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good but did you saw mine-


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whenever i click on check it shows the weather but the screen gets to thunkable page in 4 secs

i can send you screenshot


and after

@roumak-coder y u hate my apps

Add more Beautiful looking UI, then everyone will Love your apps


yes i will but i need time im busy with another app
ill add my best to ui first let logic be ok

Hi @ekansh_devs_oo,

I asked you yesterday not to make multiple replies in a topic, but you are continuing to do so.

Please edit the first post and delete the second one - I do not want to continually have to do this for you.

Secondly, as a new user you can not tag/mention groups like this.

Finally, you will need to verify that this is not a bug in your own logic first, but please let us know if you can reproduce this behaviour in a test app.


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No worries - I’m just trying to make sure that everyone has a consistent and enjoyable experience in the Community.

well lets share project tomorrow if its share ur projects

soource frinds

There is no need to spam the forum with unnecessary posts. Your first post already says it is open source.

but i dint shared the link to project did it know only