Alignment problems

Hello everyone.

I am having some design problems, mainly with alignment.

I have attached two images below, one showing the design of the screen, where the rating is centered and the size is considerable. However, as soon as I test the app, or even when downloaded, the rating gets smaller, and the alignment is no longer there.

Can someone please help me with this? I am doing this for a school project, and that is the only thing missing at this point. I have tried to find a solution, and I can’t.

Thank you all.

Try using the layout component. It’s easier to fine tune things.

Thank you for your reply.
I am using it now, but I am still facing the same problem. By any chance, do you have any other tips for this problem?

Are those five individual buttons or a picture of five buttons?

It is the rating component but with a different image to replace the stars with squares.

I just figured that out haha. I have never used that one and I’m testing it now. It seems like there is no option to fill container with this component.

Well it seems to work on my end properly despite taking a long time to load up. If you want to share your project I can take a look.

But are you using any blocks or just the layout component?

I tried both ways.

Inside Layout:

Outside Layout:

I will send you my app.

Did you set float in place or stretch… try setting as stretch…

I am sure I have used this component and did not see this issue

I had to replace all of them because there was a bug. Nothing worked until I replaced them.
@tthompson41231 tested it.

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