Aligning Contents [Labels] in two rows in parallel

Hi All,

Thanks for this great community. I already learned so much in a few days. I have a question.

row align

Can we align contents/labels in two or more rows like in the image in parallel alignment? I tried many ways and it’s not working. Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated.


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Yes, but how do you want the labels to be aligned? In your screenshot, they are not aligned vertically. Do you want the left sides aligned, right sides aligned, centers aligned?


Hi ,

I want the labels to be aligned in centers.

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I guess you are using dynamic label size (fill container or fit content) therefore the size of the label will depend on it’s content. If you change the label width to %% then the labels can be aligned together.

Absolute or Relative option. Which one should I use. Between, I have read lot of your comments here. Thanks in advance

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Relative percentage

%% is available only in relative. Absolute uses pixels not %%.

Thank you. I will check this out and get back.

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