AirTable linked records

I am having trouble working with linked records in AirTable. Using GetField on the linked field itself doesn’t return the text of the field — is there a way to get that? And adding a record with a matched value in the linked field doesn’t actually link the record — it creates a new record with the same value in the cross referenced table.

In the linked Table1 field, you get a reference to the _id of the entry in Table2. After that, you can easily get the entire record in Table2 by the record with _id.

For a better understanding, see the contents of Label3.Text in the example below.


Thank you! I suppose if, while creating a record, I set the foreign key’s _id property to the appropriate value (using SetProperty), then the records will be linked.


Hi Graham_Charles,

i have the same Problem. Can You show me please some Blocks of your Solution?