AirBnB Clone - Search function by location

Hi all

I am looking to build an marketplace app somewhat similar to AirBnB in terms of functionality. Any experienced thunkables out there who can help me understand if it is possible to build in Thunkable?

3 key requirements:

  • Search function based on geolocation (example: user inputs “New York” and search results are all listings within 15 km. of New York)

  • Ability for hosts and guests to communicate with each other (chat-system)

  • Check-out through Stripe

Have already build the website in Bubble, but need to launch as a native mobile app.


Hey @majao - this might be doable with Thunkable, but it sounds pretty complex (i.e. time consuming)

Wondering what the goal for this app is here? Are you launching an AirBnB competitor? Is there a more altruistic goal in mind here?

Hey, thanks for your answer!

I am not launching an AirBnB competitor at all, but it was the easiest way to describe the functionality. I have already launched the business, which is a Danish site for easily finding places to sleep in nature.

Get a lot of requests for an app, so was looking into using No-Code tools to build out the app.

Sounds promising that it might be doable in Thunkable. Can you elaborate on why/why not it is doable?

Hi @majao,


  • a search function based on geolocation should be easy with the thunkableX component “WebAPI” and a Google API key (you may have to pay for using the google services). See
  • ability for communication can run on firebase, also a product hosted by google. I think you need two services: the login/logon component, so that a serious user first creates an account in your app and second some cloud variables, easily implemented in thunkable by using a firebase account.
  • using stripe is not easy. There used to be a stripe payment component in thunkable, but it is not working anymore, because google and apple would “like” to have run all payments through their systems, so that they can take their share. Even using a payment website in thunkable get may be blocked by google/apple when you try to upload the app to their stores. There is no easy solution for this, maybe you should use their payment system?