After a break the updates broke my project

Hello, I’m here to share my dissatisfaction with you.

Why the updates of Thunkable breaks the projects?

It is very serious I stopped Thunkable 6 months I return on my big project and many bug appear images delete, functionality does not work any more as I had made a system of invoice pdf, navigations towards other screen which it puts in error, end in short that has completely upset my project and I will have to spend a few hours to fix all.

Do you find this normal? I specify that the project was functional before my break I am really frustrated with this non-stable paid service.

I have the impression that many updates are haphazard and without thorough testing. There was a time when I was using another service similar to thunkable and the updates never crashed the projects.

I know that nothing can be done in my case that I will have to manage it but is it possible that one day Thunkable will change its way of doing things?

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