Adding users to firebase with phone and sending push notifications

Hello everyone!

I’m making an app, which you should login with the phone number.

My app is supposed to have a lot of push notofications and after registration I want to add users in one signal to be able to send them notifications.

How am I able to do that?

search the forums. You should find this info.

Search “sending push notifications to specific users”

Thanks for the answer.
I tried to but I couldn’t find any info in adding user through api with right parametrs.

Does this tutorial help?

I have no problem with sending pushes, the thing is registration of new users

When the user registers through your app, save the “push_id” of the user at that point, you can find this in the blocks for the push notification component, then everytime you want to send a notification use the above example of the API and pull back from your database the list of notification ID’s

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Good suggestion!

I don’t understand what is push id here

The purple block is

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