Adding Categories

Hello there everyone!

I am creating an app where users can post notes. I would like the notes to be categorized into categories such as english, math, science, etc. How do I make a drop-down menu on two spots: the navigation bar, and the adding a new note page.

Navigation bar:
I’d like the drop down menu to have all the list of categories, and when the user clicks one, it shows all the notes that are with that category. How could I associate the two?

New note page:
I’d like the user to be able to chose which category their note best belongs in, and make sure it saves in the database. How do I create the drop-down menu and have it save in the db along with the notes information?

Sorry if this is complicated, I can’t quite understand the other tutorials.

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Sounds like a good use of Airtable.

I would start by doing very basic enter text, and recalling cells from Airtable (you will see it as Spreadsheet) Once you get the hang of writing data and reading then you can start to build your app around it.

Thanks for the reply!

I just don’t know what Airtable is and how you connect it with thunkable.
And what do you mean by basic enter text?

It is the Spreadsheet function.

Start with the tutorials. Have a person enter txt into a textbox, then add it to airtable.

I recommend you start simple in small chunks. You can “thunk” all your small successes together to build your app.

Start simple.


But I’m still confuzzled about the part where I make a category and the user can chose a category that saves with the note.
I set up the airtable thing and I will connect the two.

Show me the airtable blocks you have tried please

My blocks:

My airtable:

I am currently trying to find the tutorial to connect thunkable with airtable.
I’m not sure about the rowNum part because everyone should be allowed to add a note, but I don’t want to manually add the number for each post.
For the category part, I don’t know if the user can select a certain category and have it saved with the post.

Are you using LIVE?

If you dont want to add a value make sure you add a blank


that will help

I don’t know what live is, but is the airtable supposed to take the title, notes, and category and write it down in the airtable? I don’t know how to make the rowNum increase by 1, and have the data be written inside the airtable. Because after the data is written, on the homepage, I’d like to display all the notes with the title and category.

How do you test your app?

With the thunkable live app.