Access to firebase problems

Hi everyone, we’re building an app and, since yesterday, the new upgrade is causing us problems with the access to Firebase: if the node contains “@”, or “,” or both, it doesn’t work during the Live Test, the Preview and the WebApp, but it still works if I build the app and download it on my phone. On th other hand, if the node contains only letters or numbers, it always works perfectly.
I think this is not a problem of our App, because I noticed that other similar applications, older than ours, are having this problem these days.
I hope that someone could help us,
Thank you.

Thanks @andrea.miglia2020qa, can you share a simple sample app with us there replicates this behaviour please?

if you want I can share the link of one of our projects which has this problem so you can see, but we have only private projects so I don’t know if you can see it.
Thank you again!