Access a control via block / Code

Hello all

I have nothing found via Google search. Therefore, I assume it is not possible to access a control via code during runtime. Or is it possible?

What I looking for is to access, e.g., a label called label_1 via name during runtime. I have 5 groups a five labels. So I enumerate thorough and access something like
label_X = background color black.
I also assume it is not possible to get all children of a group (my five labels…)

Thanks for your feedback

This is possible with Any Component blocks: "Any Component" Blocks - Thunkable Docs

You can loop through “All labels in screen” for example and change a property for each within that loop.

I don’t have a great example of this but here’s something related that I created a while ago: Thunkable

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Oh cool, thank you very much.
I was not aware about this block. I will give it a try

Here is a test
and the result

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