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I sketched a spinner, radiolist and checkboxlist here


well, thank you very much, but i still have some question about extensions also start value in built in control box as android version does.

I can not even turn on the flashlights from this version


About “start with value”. This can be implemented using Local Storage. Is this a good way for you?



incredible, thanks again.

hope we can rename each elements again.


Good morning, I apologize for my English right away. I noticed that in creating a translator app if you use the speech_recognizer to dictate the text to be written in a label, the text is correctly translated but the volume of the iphone is disabled and the text_to_speech does not work. will it be a bug? thank you


Good morning,

I see this problem on my iOS 10.3 and 11.3. Indeed, then the volume control does not work.



Hey! my app isn’t uploading kindly please guide me it’s the API caution message or warning.Thank you in advance,


Google maps is not working at all.Please Fix it…


If you are talking about an application crashing on Android, then on the forum you can find workarounds for working with maps without using the Map component.


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Can anyone help me to make data sending app that just send data to other apps like that app. e.x. : whatsapp, viber


Look at the Share component and deep link



Mmm… I am not talking about whatsapp or viber. I need to share user data with only my apps.

Example: I create an app named “We share” and I send some text using this app to other “we share” apps only.

Is it possible to create an app like that?


Now it is clear. You can try using Firebase. In one application, you create a node with a message, and in another running application you immediately get a message that the data in this Firebase node has changed and display them.


thank you so much but how do I use it. can you give me an example app or coding


New guy here to Thunkable X. Traditionally I have used MIT, so struggling a bit.

Working on an app that i want a “Back and Home” button at the top of the screen. I placed a “Row” field, then place 2 buttons in the field. The field i have “Center” justification and “Flex- Start” allignment. This placed my buttons at the top of the screen, but they are not visible in the “live test”.

HELP? if there is a more appropriate location for this question, let me know.


Disregard… after playing with it, i got it fixed.


How ?


Hi Guys
I need the app user to be able to save 3 fields of information with the first field (Suburb) being the search criteria to GET the info at later time. In App Inventor 2 I created a list picker. Thunkable Cross Platform does not seem to have this. So SUBURB, NAME, ADDRESS to be saved to a list. User then types in SUBURB or any part of the word and it finds it in a list, displays the list and allow the user to select from the list. Anyone have and example blocks for Cross platform???


Hey @Barrie_Fox !

Please open a new topic so people can easily found your question and answer it.
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