Update Blockly version

Will be possible to update the Blockly version of normal servers(app.thunkable.com, beta.thunkable.com)?

Because current blockly version is quite old, and the new one seems to be very cool and has a material design


Yes! But I believe they are focused on working on IOS Right now.

The Thunkable team have already said they have plans to upgrade it after iOS is released.

Also, the new Blockly update is in testing for MIT AI2, it should be released soon, the Thunkable can just merge it.


Do you might know howlong it will be to that release, or dont you have information about that.

The new Blockly version for MIT AI2 hasn’t got a release date. They have, however, released it on their test server.

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I didn’t know about that server, thanks for all the information!

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