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Thunkable X will be a very exciting product!
I signed up a few days ago,please check,thank you!

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Hey @albert

I think Thunkable x launch is off track. The launch of thunkable x should have been fully current version of Android to IOS, not the other way (IOS to Android). Android has been for a long time with all bugs fixed and stable also Extensions. Why are we building from scratch again just for cross platform…? I would like to see any of the distributors of AI should go from Android to IOS … it’s ok with limited features in IOS but gratually implements and UI should be same as Android platform… not the new stuff blocky.

Happy Thunk…ing


Thanks for your feedback Zama – most of the most used Android components will be added to Thunkable ✕ in short time.

While it seems like we went from iOS to Android and not the other way around, what is happening behind the scenes is that we built a completely new platform built on more modern infrastructure that we launched for iOS first. We did this since the classic Android platform was imagined / designed almost a decade ago and was hard to implement many of the advanced features that users request from us.

Hope that makes sense -


Ok @albert - but how much time do you think it wil take to get all android components into this new platform. Honestly speaking It is not easy to work with new blocky at all in thunkable x and this needs time. But when ai2 launches IOS people will switch as they get the same taste of Android.

New blocky is like learning English in 2 versions…

Hi there. Which parts of blockly are confusing? We are going to make significant upgrades since we have a new teammate focused largely on upgrading blockly.


Check please for sign up and i don’t receive nothing

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Hi there. We have added most folks who signed up for our beta into our beta. We are waiting for our latest release to add the remaining folks.

Thanks in advance for your patience -

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i had created an app yesterday but when i checked that today.it was gone… what do i do now??

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Hi there. Are you logged into the same account? We haven’t seen issues of disappearing projects so definitely want to investigate if this happened to you.

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Hi Albert, I´m not sure if this is a bug, but when I put a new text in a TextInput, the text got repeated. I notice that this not happens when I tap in the textinput space.


Hi there. I’m not seeing this bug on my Android device. Is this just a simple Text Input?

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Yes. Here the blocks:

And the problem persist:

I’m using Galaxy S7 Edge and I using Thunkable Live version 34



It looks like the Text Input is not repeated in your picture above – it might be easiest to privately share with me your project so I can take a closer look.


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Sure, https://ios.thunkable.com/copy/5ae7b34bdbdfc00001e1ae1a

thanks a lot,

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Hi there. I tried out your app and it seems to work for me. What should happen after the user types in the Text Box and selects Ingresa? Add to the list correct?

Are you asking about the gray Hint text? If so, you can change it in the properties panel

Today I looked at the Thunkable X on a SMART Board (without a projector) with a 16: 9 format. I’m attaching the image. Under the editor area of ​​the blocks is a large empty space. Is it planned to make the block editor area across the entire height of the browser window’s working area?

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Yes, when you press Ingresa the text is added to the list. The problem is when I type a new text, the previous word repeats and joins with the first letter I type.
I notice that this not happens when I tap in the textinput space.


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theres no spinner, checklist, start with value. it will be available?

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Spinner and checklist can be created from the List Viewer.

Spinner is a button when you click on which a List Viewer with absolute positioning is displayed below it.

Checklist is a List Viever in which a character stands before the row. This symbol is set when selecting a list item. Next, create a loop for all the elements of the list and define the elements in which this symbol is.

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