ABB Sign does not work

Hi All, Need som help with the signature for an ABB in google play console
Tried many times to first set the “Google recommendation” to use googles own precess for Appsigning.
When that is done and i upload my ABB i still get an error…
“Du laddade upp en APK-fil eller ett AAB-arkiv som signerats med en nyckel som även används till att signera APK-filer för leverans till användare. Eftersom du är registrerad för appsignering via Play måste du signera APK-filen eller AAB-arkivet med en ny nyckel innan du laddar upp filen.”

Which is swedish but means
“You uploaded an APK file or an ABB archive that was signed with a key which also is used to sign APK files for delivery to users. Since you are registered for appsigning via PLAY you have to sign APK or Abb files with a new key before uploading the file”

But that is what i did - or…??
If that is not the process how can i just get an ABB signed?
First time ran into this - and i uploaded other files without problems… ??
Please help

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